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Uninhabited Island Refreshment & Resort

The island can be reached on foot or by car, making it easy to get to. There are many places around the island such as Saiba Utaki and golf courses, and the private resort atmosphere attracts people.

Foster a sense of unity in various types of group travel

A group charter plan on such an uninhabited island is a great candidate for a sightseeing destination for about 10-20 people. Originally, there was a history of a ``training center`` on Aazi Island, and although it is an old building, you can feel its history.

Go to historic Okinawa to build up strength

There are huge rocks and shrines that are famous as power spots. There is a small hill on Aazi Island that is very sacred. Why not visit this mysterious place surrounded by plants with your loved one?

Features of Aazi Island

safety and security are ensured

It is a land-connected island and can be reached on foot or by car, making it easy to enjoy an uninhabited island experience. Arji Island is located in Nanjo City, southeast of the main island of Okinawa, and is characterized by its beautiful ocean and rich, mysterious nature. Although it is only a 40-minute drive from Naha Airport, there are few commercial facilities around it, and it is surrounded by the beautiful ocean of Okinawa.

water jet and camping equipment rentals

The beach is separated from the nearby Hyakumei Beach, allowing for safe marine activities and private use of the beach. The beach is shallow, so you can safely experience harpooning and catching fish. The survival experience of catching fish by yourself after hours of fishing is truly a precious experience that reminds you of your forgotten human life.

Great location for the sunrise

Located on the south side of the main island of Okinawa, Aadi Island has a vast ocean stretching out in the direction of the rising sun. One of the four uninhabited islands connected to the island of God, Kukojima, Aajishima is the closest mystical uninhabited island to the main island. You can cross over to the island through the beach at a quiet private beach, perfect for swimming, and we recommend staying overnight rather than taking a day trip.

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Message from the owner

It has been several years since we, born and raised in Okinawa, came to own the island of Aazi through a strange coincidence. During this time, the more we experienced the island and the surrounding environment, and the more we learned about its history and culture, the more we were captivated by its wonderful charms, and the more we thought about how we could make this area even more wonderful.

We feel ashamed of the fact that many resort developments in Okinawa do not have any connection with the local community and do not contribute to the development of the local community except to create jobs. We strongly hope that this development will make a sustainable contribution to the development of the local community and create the future of the local community together with everyone involved.

We sincerely hope that many people from all over the world will experience the wonderful natural environment, the charm of mythology, and the peaceful atmosphere of the people, and that by creating unforgettable and moving moments, we can create new values that will shine in this region for 100 years to come.


Are there any stores nearby? + -

There are few resort facilities around Aazi Island, and there are no convenience stores nearby. There are some private homes and commercial facilities, but they close at night, so please consider a day trip or overnight stay if you plan to visit. Please consult with a planner in advance.

If I get into a fight with my friends, can I go home alone? + -

The nearest bus stop is a 17-minute walk away, and there will be no way to get around after 8:00 pm. Naturally, the beautiful Okinawa sea surrounds the island, but walking around the area is prohibited. Also, please do not go alone.

Can I go to a deserted island on foot? + -

It takes 4 hours to get there from Naha Airport, so it’s not easy. Public transportation is available. If you are planning to travel at night, please refrain from doing so. We recommend that you arrange your own car, rental car, or hire car.

Is fishing the only way to procure food? + -

If you are thinking of having a barbecue, please consult with our planners in advance. We will arrange for you to procure food and prepare drinks in advance. Additional ingredients cannot be delivered, so please consult with us at the time of application.